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Bereavement support

Grief is a normal part of life, yet people are often unaware of how devastating its effects can be. Sometimes mourners feel such overwhelming pain and loss that they come to believe they are losing their grip on reality. One small step is to talk about your loss, to share the burden of your pain. It really can help.

If you are struggling after the death of someone close, we can help you. We offer a series of one-to-one bereavement support sessions with one of our trained bereavementvolunteers. You can choose how you would like to meetyour volunteer- in person face to face, by telephone or by video call. Bereavement support it also offered in Welsh or English, whichever language you are more comfortable with.

Our bereavement support service is also open to anyone who has been affected by a loss due to COVID-19.

bereavement support volunteer

Preparing for a loss

Living with a terminal diagnosis or supporting someone with one, can also feel like a loss. You may experience feelings of anger, guilt, uncertainty. These feelings can be difficult to share and make coping even harder. Sometimes, it can be good to talk about our feelings, especially to someone outside the family. The service we offer is confidential, non-judgemental and provides a safe space to talk freely and openly. Again, you can choose how you would like to meet your volunteer. 

Getting in touch

If you or a family member, carer would like to use our services, you can refer yourself using our online form or ask your GP or healthcare professional to refer you to us. Or simply call us on 01970 611 550.

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