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Hi, I am Amelia Quinlan, the Volunteer coordinator here at HAHAV and I am happy to chat to anyone who is interested in volunteering with us in any way.

Volunteers are the backbone of the HAHAV charity. We’re open to volunteers from all walks of life, age groups and backgrounds. We welcome both Welsh and English speakers and there are a wide variety of roles required by the HAHAV team.  

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Volunteering roles

  • HAHAV’S Home support service: working directly with patients, their carers and families in the patient’s own home
  • Therapists: counsellors, complimentary therapists, living well group leaders
  • Fund-raisers: they participate in a range of activities to publicise the charity and to support it financially
  • Shop and warehouse volunteers: help with running the HAHAV shop or/and the Warehouse and our eBay store
  • Administrative and IT supporters: they fulfil a range of functions necessary to keep a vibrant service running well – including producing news stories and videos for our website
  • Gardening and maintenance: helping us keep PlasAntaron and our Pier Street shop in good condition
  • Front of House volunteers- help with setting up/tidying up after events and welcoming people ensuring they sign in.
  • Grief Companions- support bereaved with practical support e.g. helping clients look through personal possessions of a loved one and rebuilding confidence through activities.

You can apply online to volunteer with HAHAV or email Admin for more information on

All volunteers will be involved in an initial training programme and depending on their chosen role, they will be provided with continuing training, development, support and supervision. Travel expenses are available.Some roles will require a DBS check.

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Dai and Sue, two of our fantastic volunteers, explain what it’s like to volunteer with HAHAV:

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